Website Redesign / Redevelopment

Upgrade your website to be more professional, responsive, functional and branded towards your business

Website Redevelopment is for you if you...

Are ready to grow. You know what a website can do for you and you are ready to start building your business to its fullest potential online.

You’re ready to automate your processes and so your business can run as seamlessly as possible.

You want to provide your current, future and past clients with a great platform that is designed & developed with their experience and buyer journey in mind.

Care about your business and have a vision of where you want it to go and how you plan to implement it. This vision is something you are ready and excited to implement.

Care about your business and have a vision of where you want it to go and how you plan to implement it. This vision is something you are ready and excited to implement.

Want a website that can grow alongside you. It can give you back the time you want to invest in your business and get back to doing what you truly love. Stop your unnecessary business admin!

And your passion needs professionalism and your website can build upon your passion while providing that professional touch and feel.

Take a look at my Portfolio

Like what you see?

Does this sound like you?

Built your own website but it does nothing to automate your processes, or provide a solution to your problems

Constantly doing the same tasks over and over again, knowing that there is a much easier way to do this.

Want to get back to doing what you started your business and automate the tasks that are taking up far too much time.

Manually taking bookings, handling payments, selling your products and services, paying monthly/ annual fees on 3rd party services that aren’t analysing your stats or promoting you and are struggling to find a platform that properly markets you professionally.

Comparing yourself with your competition and allow what they are doing affect you when you should be building your brand to compete and elevate.

You are struggling to keep on top of that never ending to do list.

If any of this sounds like you then you are not alone! I’m here to help you build a website that will solve all of these problems.

Put in place functionality that will automate and elevate your business

Hi I'm Peadar, Premium Website & CRM Developer from the North of Ireland

I started my Website Development Business to help you develop an online presence that you can be proud of while doing the same for your clients. 

I have a Degree in Software Engineering and went on to work in Banks mainly maintaining and developing systems that helped to streamline their workflows while integrating best practices. I loved this work but I wasn’t fully able to implement some of the design and front end work that I enjoyed during university. So I decided I would merge the two and help develop online systems for you.

Covid also made me think a lot more about having seen very little of the world and I wanted to be able to do it while location independent. Building a fully online business and putting systems in place that allow for this has meant I have travelled to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia all while working for great clients and helping them to grow. 

I play Hurling when I am at home, support Man United and generally like to keep myself fit and healthy through the gym, hikes and whatever else I can keep myself occupied with.

I help you develop a website that works for you and fits around your dreams!

PMV Web Development about me

Want these results?

What will you achieve?


We will build out a platform that encourages your development and gives you time to focus on what it is you actually want to do.


Automate the tasks you know can be handled by a website and stop putting it on the back burner. We put in place systems that allow you to focus on the other areas of your business. 


Build a professional presence online that elevates your business and sells your services itself. Allow your potential clients to think wow this is who I want to work with. 

Client Focused

Create a seamless experience for your clients to get the most out of your business and leave them wanting more.


A design that is fit for the standards of this year. With full creative input and alignment to make sure we are working on the same page.

Passion resurgence​

Who wants to get back to the reason they started their business and not handle admin. Get back your passion and flourish!

What will you get?

A professional and personalised website that matches your brand

Intuitive design with an easy to follow user Journey

Responsive design to work on ALL devices 

A system that can both save you time and make you money

Secure and up to date with the latest software website

Fully ready for launch in 4-5 weeks

2 Weeks post launch support to ensure all bugs and issues are taken care of.

What is the Investment?

Minimum £1899

Functionality will be added the price based on specifications:

Pay in 2

50% of the payment at start and end of development.

Pay in Full

Pay the full price at the start of development

Payment Plans

Other payment plans can be organised on request

Provide your clients and customers with systems that make their life easy as well as yours.

The Process

Once we have had an initial discussion these are the steps that we will take to elevate your businesses online presence

1. Book a call & Fill out our form

Book a call at a time that suits you and fill out the enquiry form to let me know everything you want and your budget!

2. Proposal, Contract & Invoice

I will send over the proposal and contract based on our call, where you will review and sign. I will then send the agreed upon invoice.

3. Onboarding & Development

This is where we get setup and start development. I request all content and introduce you to new apps that I use

4. Feedback & Approval

At around the 2 week mark I will send a video describing the entire site. You will then have access to the site to give feedback and approve. 

5. Finishing Touches & Launch call

After your first feedback I will implement changes and then send it back for final review. We will then have a final call to discuss launch strategy and next steps. 

6. Launch & Review

Your Site will be launched on a date that suits you. Then 2 weeks of support to make sure everything is working as expected. I will then send you a review form.