SEO Optimisation

Edge out your competitors when it comes to google search and be at the top of the pile for your potential clients, mainly those you didn’t even know about!

SEO Optimisation is for you if you...

Are ready to attract the clients who are looking for your services or products. 

Want to compete in your industry and optimise your website to do some of that heavy lifting for you. 

Want to stop wondering why people aren’t able to find you on google and why your reach hasn’t been working properly. 

Want to put in place a system that elevates your business as soon as possible.

You want to stop showing up on the lower tiers of google. As they say ‘You could hide a dead body on the second page of google’. 

Optimise your website or blogs so they show up on the first page of Google and give your business an edge in a competitive market. 

Does this sound like you?

Wondering why your website isn’t reaching your target audience or ideal clients aren’t reaching out to you through your website. 

Know you want a website and want it to start attracting clients/customers as soon as possible.

Understand your business and know exactly what you want to be ranking for

Competitors are at the top of google and you’re feeling you need to start properly competing with them on this front. 


Put in place functionality that will automate and elevate your business

PMV Web Development about me

Hi I'm Peadar, Premium Website & CRM Developer from the North of Ireland

I started my Website Development Business to help you develop an online presence that you can be proud of while doing the same for your clients. 

I have a Degree in Software Engineering and went on to work in Banks mainly maintaining and developing systems that helped to streamline their workflows while integrating best practices. I loved this work but I wasn’t fully able to implement some of the design and front end work that I enjoyed during university. So I decided I would merge the two and help develop online systems for you.

Covid also made me think a lot more about having seen very little of the world and I wanted to be able to do it while location independent. Building a fully online business and putting systems in place that allow for this has meant I have travelled to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia all while working for great clients and helping them to grow. 

I play Hurling when I am at home, support Man United and generally like to keep myself fit and healthy through the gym, hikes and whatever else I can keep myself occupied with.

I help you develop a website that works for you and fits around your dreams!

What will you achieve?


Reach clients you didn’t know it was possible to. Have them find you on the biggest search engine there is.


Elevate your business above your competition by truly covering all the bases when it comes to having a website.


Being at the top of google searches shows that one, you have put work into your business to show up at the top. And two you are highly reputable in what you do and the service you provide.


Being at the top of google searches shows that one, you have put work into your business to show up at the top. And two you are highly reputable in what you do and the service you provide.

Rank top for the keywords and phrases clients will search to find you on google. 

What will you get?

Audit of your current SEO setup and what will need to be done in order to get you setup properly

Full setup of SEO for your website including Google Analytics, Yoast SEO & Google Search Console Setup

Initial two page/blog optimisation and monitoring of traffic.

Keyword Research & Refinement

Image optimisation 

Sitemap audit

User guides on how to use Google Analytics, Yoast SEO & Google Search Console Setup

What is the Investment?

Phase 1

Site setup for SEO

Google Analytics Setup

Keyword Research & Refinement

Image Optimisation

2 Blogs/Pages Optimised

User Guides created


For All the above

Phase 2

After phase one I will optimise the rest of your site. 

Monitoring of Phase One implementation

Blogs & Pages optimised accordingly

Analytics tracking and recommendations


Price per Blog/Page

Phase 3

Monitoring of SEO on your site

Recommendations of what is working well and what is not

Evaluation of any new blogs or pages you want to add


Per Month