Explore & Snore

Introducing Explore and Snore, a camper van hire company that I had the privilege of collaborating with to elevate their operations. Through my expertise and dedication, I had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive booking system that revolutionised their business processes. 


By automating their operations and streamlining their booking procedures, I helped Explore and Snore enhance their overall efficiency and provide a seamless experience for their customers. It was an exciting endeavour to contribute to their growth and witness the positive impact it has had on their business. 

Clodagh Rose Virtual

Clodagh Rose Virtual is a virtual assistant and virtual assistant coach who I am grateful to have worked with closely to build her website that I meticulously crafted. With a keen focus on creating a clear and strong brand image, my mission was to elevate her business and position her as a leader in the industry.

Through captivating design, seamless user experience, and persuasive content, I have successfully transformed her website into a powerful platform that reflects her expertise and inspires confidence in her premium services. 

Watertop Farm

Watertop Farm is an extraordinary family run campsite nestled along the captivating North Coast of Ireland. I had the pleasure of developing their website that has transformed their booking experience. As the driving force behind this project, my goal was to automate and optimise Watertop Farm’s processes, elevating their current situation to new heights.


With a comprehensive booking system seamlessly integrated into the website, I have revolutionised their operations, ensuring a streamlined reservation process for guests. The innovative features I implemented have significantly improved efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.

Calm & Connected

Calm and Connected is a website I have developed to elevate the experience of baby well-being classes. Through meticulous planning and execution, I have created a comprehensive event booking system seamlessly integrated into the website, revolutionising Calm and Connected’s operations.


By automating their processes and streamlining the reservation system, I have significantly improved efficiency and convenience for both parents and Karen at Calm and Connected. The goal of my work was to provide a seamless and stress-free experience, fostering the well-being of both babies and parents.

GO Figure Online

Go Figure Online is, a personal trainer business specialising in fitness and wellness. This project transformed their business operations by implementing a comprehensive membership and account system. This system not only facilitated seamless online payments but also eliminated the need for third-party platforms, giving Ryan, the personal trainer, full control over his courses and content. 


Leveraging the power of MemberPress, I successfully created a robust platform that allowed Ryan to host and manage his own courses, ensuring a personalised and engaging experience for his clients.

Cathaoir An Rí

Carey Faughs are a renowned Hurling Club in North Antrim. I developed a comprehensive website that serves as a central hub for all things related to the club. The website features up-to-date fixtures and results, providing members and supporters with real-time information on upcoming matches and past performances. 


Additionally, I implemented a convenient payment system, giving users information on how to make payments for club memberships, events, and merchandise securely. The website also includes detailed information about the club, its history, achievements, and community involvement.