Ignite Wellbeing Workshops

Developing an Online presence from the get go!

Ignite wellbeing workshops are dedicated to empowering students in Northern Ireland through valuable wellbeing education. In this project, I developed a simple yet impactful one-page website that effectively captured all the amazing work that Ignite and Orla in particular is doing. The website showcased Ignite’s mission, services, and testimonials, providing a comprehensive overview of their offerings. Additionally, I implemented a user-friendly contact form that allowed potential clients, such as schools, organisations, sports teams and social clubs to easily get in touch and inquire about Ignite’s services. 


By crafting a visually appealing and concise website, I successfully conveyed Ignite’s commitment to fostering wellbeing in schools and provided a seamless platform for potential clients to connect. 

Key Outcomes

In just 6 weeks...

…To name a few

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"The outcome is brilliant as I now have a fully-functioning, bright, vibrant website that is already generating work for me and includes everything I need."
Orla McIntyre
Ignite Wellbeing Workshops

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Saving time and resources

By providing a streamlined platform for information presentation, automating the inquiry process through the contact form, reducing administrative tasks, and expanding her reach to a broader audience. By leveraging the efficiency and accessibility of the website, Orla can focus more on her core work of delivering wellbeing teaching services and nurturing client relationships.

Increased revenue and growth opportunities

By expanding her reach, enhancing marketing and branding efforts, streamlining the booking process, and providing avenues for scalability and additional services. By leveraging the power of the website as a marketing and sales tool, Orla can attract more clients, generate higher revenue, and tap into new opportunities for business growth.

Competitive advantage:

With a professional online presence, enhancing visibility and branding, offering a seamless user experience, providing online booking convenience, and enabling adaptability and scalability. Orla can now position herself as a top choice for wellbeing teaching services, attract more clients, and outshine competitors in the market.

Intuitive Design

For all Devices

Whether customers are browsing on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they can seamlessly access and navigate the website. The responsive design adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, providing an excellent user experience and preserving the website’s visual integrity. 


This accessibility and responsiveness guarantees that customers can effortlessly explore camper van options, make bookings, and access essential information, regardless of the device they prefer to use.

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