Dubsado Setup

Automate your entire client journey with emails, proposals, contracts, invoices, schedulers and more!

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Dubsado Setup is for you if you...

Are ready to automate your entire client journey

Want to map out exactly what, when and how you want to send your clients, documents, forms, and emails.

Want to track clients right from a first enquiry right up until you are finished working with them.

Are sick of carrying out the same tasks at the same point for every single client.

You want to make the process as seamless as possible for both you and your clients while providing them with all the details they need without sounding like a robot. 

You want to craft high-quality templates instead of creating things on the fly.

You want to be more consistent in your process from client to client, without skipping any steps or forgetting something important.

Build something that will save you time on the same admin tasks you have been doing when it comes to your clients.

Does this sound like you?

All over the place when it comes to managing your clients.

Carrying out the same tasks every time you start with another client, sending the same emails, documents and forms continuously.

In contact with your clients on their terms and not your own and want to build a process that outlines exactly what you are doing with every single client. 

Forget steps in your process and then have to act quickly when you remember you have to send out specific invoices or documents.

Want to stop carrying out monotonous admin tasks that take up far too much of your valuable time.

Have half ready content instead that you change or update every time a client comes knocking.

Get all of your content ready for when new clients appear and make it as stress free as possible

PMV Web Development about me

Hi I'm Peadar, Premium Website & CRM Developer from the North of Ireland

I started my Website Development Business to help you develop an online presence that you can be proud of while doing the same for your clients. 

I have a Degree in Software Engineering and went on to work in Banks mainly maintaining and developing systems that helped to streamline their workflows while integrating best practices. I loved this work but I wasn’t fully able to implement some of the design and front end work that I enjoyed during university. So I decided I would merge the two and help develop online systems for you.

Covid also made me think a lot more about having seen very little of the world and I wanted to be able to do it while location independent. Building a fully online business and putting systems in place that allow for this has meant I have travelled to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia all while working for great clients and helping them to grow. 

I play Hurling when I am at home, support Man United and generally like to keep myself fit and healthy through the gym, hikes and whatever else I can keep myself occupied with.

I help you develop a website that works for you and fits around your dreams!

Stop carrying out monotonous admin tasks that take up far too much of your valuable time

What will you achieve?

Automate your entire client journey from lead to completed project. Have in place contracts, proposals, PDFs, forms, questionnaires, emails and invoices that are handcrafted and styled around your brand while still remaining personal. 


Automate your entire client process! And if there are still manual tasks you need to carry out then that’s more than doable.

Time Saved

Get your time back and stop carrying out the same tasks for all of the clients you have. Spend it on building your business and growth.

Definitive Client Journey

It gives you a customisable path that you have for each and every client with a portfolio of customisable documents and emails that you can easily send out to them.

All in One System​

A system that can do a LOT in one application! Some of the things it might not be able to do can also be connected so your existing practices can integrate alongside it. 

Templates Galore​

Forms, Questionnaires, Proposals, Onboarding & Off-boarding documents, Contracts, Invoices, Payment Plans, and email templates all in one area that you can alter as and when you see fit. 

What will you get?

Audit of your current Processes & Systems

Workflow Strategy & Client Experience Mapping

Proposal, Lead capture, scheduler, Questionnaire, Contracts and invoice templates created with your branding and to your liking

Payment plans setup along with payment processor integration

Import of Current Client Information

Access to training videos and user guides

30 Days support for any questions & issues

All for £999